Ira Glass: Summary

I thought it was very interesting that Glass talks about storytelling is boring yet super suspenseful. I liked that he talked about how to start with the action and then build off of it. Sound makes people unconsciously question what is going on. It goes from building blocks, the action, then the reflection as to why they are watching. He… Read more →

Week 3 Summary

Veggie man!!! #tdc2740 #ds106 — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 15, 2019 A satchel of raccoons #tdc2725 #ds106 — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 15, 2019 Used the app filto to get this cool edit — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 15, 2019 Riley looking for a new friend: “I’m honestly the life of the party…I got treats and toys back at my… Read more →


I went to Nashville for the week and here are my photos The first image shows the concept of balance. \ The second shows the concept of metaphor and symbols because you see the clock. Its saving its 5 o clock somewhere and that it is time to drink This shows the concept of color with the contrast of red/pink… Read more →


I think it is cool to know the face behind logos and images that we see everyday. The New York subway map is iconic and was a roadmap to other cities subway maps. the fact that Helvetica is probably the most famous typeface on the planet and Vignelli invented and designed it is crazy. Before this I didn’t ever think about… Read more →

Week 2

#tdc2705 #ds106Beach and dogs can’t get better than that — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 8, 2019 #tdc2712 #ds106 beginning and end — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 8, 2019 Music over movies anyday, music can be there for someone when ever they need it. It’s quick and always boosts my mood up — dgstbrielle (@dgstbrielle) July 8, 2019 Love is… Read more →


I wanted something simple. I really like simple art with different colors that make the eye move around. The dot one really plays with your eyes with depth. It hurts your brain to figure out what is in front of what. It also plays with your eyes because some are out of focus and others aren’t and with my eyes,… Read more →


I made this logo using the photoshop drawing tool. I like it cause it is simple but has my signature “B” in it. I picked the colors cause purple is my favorite color and because with black it pops out. DesignAssignments, DesignAssignments2002 Read more →

Are we there yet?

I picked this because I am on the soccer team. This is my last year and there is nothing more than to win a CAC championship. So are we champions yet?? I did it on snap chat because my photoshop is not working. I got the picture and cut out the championship sign. But I am getting photoshop situated tomorrow DesignAssignments,… Read more →