Look, Listen, Analyze

For this project i chose to watch a scene from “The Dark Knight”. When I was just watching the clip I notice that the director cut from person to person. It was not a smooth clip that transitioned smoothly. Each time someone talked there was a cut to that specific character, for example in the first minute of the clip there were about 20 cuts in the scene. Roger Ebert talks about the “rule of thirds” and it is depicted in this scene. Usually the character that the camera is focusing on is off center just a little bit. The only time it isn’t off center is when it is zoomed in on the Jokers face or on the tv screen. Ebert talks about how it gives it a mug shot effect and I believe the director used that by zooming in on the “scariest” character in the scene to add to his frightening persona. When to Joker slams one of the mob bosses men’s heads on to a pencil the audience sees that the man is on the left side of the screen, while the joker is on the right. As Ebert says the man on the right side shows dominance¬† in the scene and that was definitely true in this case.

When just listening to the scene i immediately noticed a white noise type of ringing that I didn’t before when the Joker starts walking into the scene. This adds a seriousness to the scene. You realize quickly that the Joker talks in a very calm manor while the other bosses are tense and uncomfortable.¬† The Joker talks very slowly and matter of fact the others seem angry and abrupt. The other mob bosses seem to not take the Joker very seriously but are still terrified of him.

When put together you really catch the emotion of the characters. The facial expressions and the voices put together really bring out the tension in the room. It adds more emotion to the scene because you see the body movements and the anger, laughter or terror in the faces of the characters.