Final week summary

This class taught me a lot. I learned how to make many different types of media. The one that I had the hardest time but learned the most from was making my own sounds and putting them together. That is a skill I’ve always wondered how people did but never really understood it. Before this class I could only record… Read more →

Tutorials: Final week

To make the posters I uploaded my pictures to snap chat, cut out the faces using the “cut” tool and pasted them on a plain background. Then I used the text function and created saying that went with my video. For the video I had my brother Nathan dress up and be my “Flynn Ryder” character. I video taped it… Read more →

Week 4 Reflection My favorite thing I did this week was the lip singing! It was so fun and goofy. The only trouble I had was getting content, I am very new to making videos. I really like learning about the different types of things that go into making the videos and how to analyze… Read more →

Spoiling The Titanic

I picked the Titanic to spoil because it is such an iconic movie. I made this with iMovie and got the pictures and placed them into the video. I then put captions in between the pictures to tell the audience the keys points of the movie.   VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments1917   Read more →

Look, Listen, Analyze

For this project i chose to watch a scene from “The Dark Knight”. When I was just watching the clip I notice that the director cut from person to person. It was not a smooth clip that transitioned smoothly. Each time someone talked there was a cut to that specific character, for example in the first minute of the clip… Read more →

Favorite things

My favorite things are soccer, so i put the whistle, laughing because i like being happy, the beach waves cause it is my favorite place and birds because its calming. I made it on tiktok and uploaded it on youtube. Got the sounds off out AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments2146 Read more →

Moon Graffiti

I like how the sounds tell a story about being on the moon. You really feel like you are watching something and you are there because the mind fills in the blanks. the voices definitely add suspense and is very scary to be hearing that at the time that it was happening. I thought that the voiceover was very good… Read more →